RAF Brize Norton

RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire is the largest Station in the RAF and has approximately 6000 service personnel and 1400 MOD civil servants and contractors. It is the home of the Air Mobility Squadrons and is the ‘gateway to operations’, as the main airport used for deploying UK troops Worldwide.

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The Station Commander: Group Captain Stephen F. Lushington ADC MA RAF

Our mission is: "To Deliver Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling Support to Operations and Exercises"

Our vision is: "Excellence in Rapid Global Mobility"

Website: http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafbrizenorton/


VC-10 K 101Sqn
VC-10 K 101Sqn
C-17A 99Sqn
C-17A 99Sqn


99 Squadron, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

10 Squadron, Airbus Voyager K2/K3 (Airbus A330)

216 Squadron, TriStar K1/KC1/C2 ( Lockheed L-1011)

XXIV Squadron, Hercules C4/C5 (Lockheed C-130J)

30 Squadron, Hercules C4/C5 (Lockheed C-130J)

47 Squadron, Hercules C3 (Lockheed C-130K)


The station is organised into 4 wings ; Base Support Wing, Airport of Embarkation, Forward Support and Operations. The service and civilian personnel who work in these 4 wings carry out all the jobs that support the Station, its people, its flying squadrons and other units, and the units who lodge at RAF Brize Norton, so we can achieve the Station's mission.

Notes: RAF Brize Norton has recently received the first of 14 Voyager KC3/KC4. These aircraft operate with 10 Squadron replacing the Vickers VC-10 fleet which retired in 2013. Additionally it is planned to replace the C-130 fleet with Airbus A400M. The aircraft will be known as Atlas in RAF service


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    RAF Brize Norton CTR map

    RAF Brize Norton CTR map

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    General advice 
    Respect the land around the base, and do not trespass on or damage any property. Take your rubbish and litter home with you. Do not park in front of crash gates, or on the access roads leading to them. Keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity, and don't hesitate to contact the police (999) or even the Anti-Terrorist Hotline (0800 789321)

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